So much for a “rest day” in Namche Bazaar

Well it’s about 12 noon, and we are still hiking high above Namche; so much for our “rest day”. I foresee my afternoon nap time slipping away. As we head to a small tea house that was recommended to us by the chef at the Everest View Hotel, my stomach was ready for lunch. Later, we learned that this tea house belongs to the chef's family and his wife who took very good care of us. After a lunch of potato, vegetable and garlic soup, followed by vegetable momos (which are a dumplings), their 8 year old daughter, Bunjita, was supposed to lead us to the monastery. However, when she insisted we head back to the village we followed her a little way and then realized we should have kept going. Dal and Kul, our guides, had instructed her to take us to the monastery while they had lunch. I think she was confused as to where exactly to take us but that was okay as we ended up having an impromptu snow ball fight with several local boys along the way. Being ambushed may be the more appropriate term and, being proud Canadians, we all felt the need to show our snowball skills of as well.

It was a very wet, muddy, and slippery hike down as all the earlier snowfall was quickly melting away. No sooner had Mark commented that someone in our group was likely to slip, Cindy unfortunately did have a small spill. Luckily she ended up with nothing worse than a muddy sleeve. We gingerly continued our way down the slippery slope to the bustling town of Namche Bazaar for a well deserved rest and some exploring time. Many of us took the time to purchase

some new gear. I am personally thrilled with my new ultra thin purple down jacket. I will have no worries about warmth the farther up I go. I also got the matching "North Face" rain pants to my jacket for a whopping 13 USD. This area is known for some very high quality knock offs and we took advantage of this by buying a few last minute things that we thought we may need higher up the mountain.

At dinner, we had a little misunderstanding; I had ordered pizza for the group after checking with Dal that the cheese was processed and safe to eat and not the local Yak cheese. The local Yak cheese is generally unprocessed and I have been told to avoid at all costs. Of course the pizza comes to the table looking like a delicious alternative to our usual fried rice, momos, noodles and Chow Mein. Then they proudly announce that it is made with Yak cheese. Ahhh! I was forced to tell the group that we not eat it just to be safe and all agreed. The rule of thumb is that Yak cheese will make you yak so avoid at all costs; I’m told that there is a bacteria in it that our western stomachs can’t handle. Back to fried potatoes and rice which hit the spot. We were then briefed on what our next day had in store for us and by 8 pm most were in their rooms.

We've spent two nights now acclimatizing in Namche Bazaar and it's time to move on up this mountain to higher and thinner air. Watch for our next article to see how we do as we make our way farther up the trail to Base Camp Everest.

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